The Leonard Ginno Family

             Leonard George Ginno, the youngest son of William and Isabella, was born on 14 June 1918. After leaving school in 1934, he worked as a civilian telecommunications specialist at the RAF No 1 Maintenance Unit (MU) at Kidbrooke. He subsequently joined the RAF for War service, working as an avionics (as it would be called today) technician on Lancaster bombers.

            After demobilisation, he returned to the RAF No 1 MU and later moved to a special RAF Signals Unit where he was employed on mostly classified projects until his retirement.

           On 23 March 1940, he married Betty Kingston and they had two children - Penelope Jane and Patricia Ann. As at the time of the creation of this web site (5 November 2009) he was still alive and living in Plumstead, not too far from his childhood home in Rudd Street. He recorded some of his memoirs and a short sample where talks about some of his work on Lancaster bombers may be heard by clicking here.


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     This photo below is of Bonner - Len and Betty's much-loved black Labrador. It was taken on 12 October 1947.



Additional photos are in the "Gallery - Leonard Ginno Family" link opposite - click on the thumbnails to expand the photos.