The Ginno Children in their Youth


These pages include mainly photos of the children of William and Isabella during the years of their youth and young adulthood, leading up to the Second World War and shortly thereafter. See the Menu link "Gallery - The Youthfull Years" for photos that need little or no comment (click on the thumbnail to get a larger picture).


             This photo was taken of a Burrage Grove Sunday School play, featuring at least Doris, Len and Wynne. The reverse of this photo is annotated with the names of those taking part. Click on either of these two pictures to open a larger version in a new window.



















              This photo, taken probably at Eastbourne, shows the twins, Phyllis and Phoebe (Tiny), strolling down the promenade with a group of friends. Phyllis is at the extreme left, Tiny is at the right.











           A club outing - Phyllis and Tiny are in the front row, 3rd and 6th from the left respectively.





              An Operatic Society (possibly Woolwich Polytechnic) outing in June 1939. Ken and Phyl are on the left in the front row. The photo is annotated "Stan and Eileen third and fourth from left in front". Does anyone know who Stan and Eileen were?





                  The same club outing, stopping for refreshment.






                   More of the Operatic Club outing, annotated "Just after lunch".




             Phyl and Tiny as bridesmaids (a sibling's wedding?), escorted by Ken and Brian - later their husbands. Does anyone know the date and circumstances of this photo?








    Phyl and Tiny as bridesmaids again but clearly for a different wedding. Does anyone know whose wedding this was, or the identitiy of the middle bridesmaid?





     Another group, another outing. The photo is annotated "West Wing looking down the well at Carisbrooke Castle. I.O.W. 1937". Tiny and Phyl are at the extreme left and right respectively of the photo, and Phyl rests her arm on, possibly, Betty (later Len's wife).






     Yet another club outing. Tiny, Ken and Phyl are in the centre



The menu link "Gallery - Netheravon" shows some postcard photos of Netheravon, Wiltshire, where many of the Ginno family were evacuated during the Second World War. More detail on the family at Netheravon may be found in the menu link "Mixed Families".