The "First Generation"

William Albert George Ginno was born on 3 May 1876 and died on 21 December 1953. His parents were Frederick George and Maria Elizabeth Ginno. Shown below is a monochrome copy of his birth certificate (thought to be reference number R138810) issued at Charlton, Woolwich, in the county of Kent (?). Of note is that his mother apparently could not write as the certificate shows a small handwritten cross annotated "The mark of Maria Elizabeth Ginno". Click on the picture to get a larger version in a new window.






              Isabella Louise Giddings was born on 20 June 1876 and died on 15 October 1963. William - a glass decorator by trade - met Isabella who was then (according to family anecdote) working as a barmaid. They married on 5 June 1906 and had six children, all of whom lived to an advanced age. The (rather well-worn) photo below shows the couple in their later years.





            This photo of William and Isabella was possibly taken at their small flat in Eastbourne in the 1950's.



     The following three photos show Isabella, again in later years. The second of the photos, probably taken on Eastbourne promenade, has been subject to major editing because of severe damage to the original.The third of the photos was probably taken at Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol, where she lived with Tiny and Brian.








In about 1962, Isabella talked to Alan and Jenny Bishop, who recorded the conversation. A brief extract, in which she voices her views about "rich" people and the "upper classes", may be heard by clicking here.