Mixed Families

       This section consists of photos and text that deal with more than one family; it includes, for example, group photos. Note the menu link "Gallery - Mixed Families" for photos that require little or no comment.


        For most of the Second World War, much of the Ginno family was evacuated to the little village of Netheravon in Wiltshire. Postcard photos, of about 1937 vintage, of the village are shown in the menu link "The William Ginno Family, Gallery - Netheravon". 


        The photo below  is somewhat of an enigma as few of the people shown can be identfied with certainty, and the location and date are not confirmed.The family consensus is that those shown are, clockwise from the small blond boy at the bottom:


  • Michael Bryant (the small blond boy)

  • Doris Bishop

  • Alan Bishop

  • John Bishop

  • Jack Broughton (smoking)

  • Vivian Broughton (in the pram)

  • Ken Bryant (setaed in front of the pram)

  • Wynne Broughton (in chair)

  • Phyllis Bryant (in chair)

  • Unknown Lady

  • Unknown Lady

  • Unknown boy (chewing wood) - possibly Tony Hart

        The photo was probably taken in the early Summer of 1944 at Netheravon, Wiltshire, where many of the family were evacuated for the war. Michael would have been aged about 17 months and Vivian just over a year; Phyllis would have been about 8 months pregnant with Wendy. This is consistent with their appearance in the photo. 





       The photo below shows Vivian, Michael (aged 20 months), Alan and Tony Hart paddling in a stream at Netheravon. No further details on Tony Hart are known but he may also be the boy in the photo above, perhaps with his mother (possibly named Nora).