The Bryant Family
              The Ginno twins - Phyllis and Tiny - were born on 13 May 1916. Kenneth Hartwell Bryant was born on 16 August 1916 and married Phyllis on 1  February 1940.

       The Bryant family has its roots in Sussex (mostly Battle, Brightling and Mayfield) and Kent. Details of the family tree and other historical information may be found at the menu item at the left - "The Bryant Family History".



 The video below shows Ken and Phylis at their Diamond Wedding Anniversary.


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The Menu link "Gallery -  Bryant Certificates" opposite shows the following certificates (click on the thumbnail to get a larger picture):


  • Phyllis' Birth Certificate

  • Ken's Birth Certificate

  • Ken and Phyllis' Marriage Certificate

  • Phyllis's Death Certificate

 The Menu link "The Bryant Family History" provides information about Ken prior to his relationship with Phyllis.