Introducing the site

This web site records some of the people, places, events and memories associated with a number of families sharing a link with William and Isabella Ginno of south London.

William and Isabella had six children - 4 girls and 2 boys - and the family lived during the inter-war period in a two-up, two-down terraced house in Rudd Street, Plumstead, London. The family is shown in the photograph below and consisted of (L to R) Wynne, Phoebe (known as Tiny), Doris (at rear), Mother (Isabella), Leonard (sitting), Leslie (at rear), Father (William) and Phyllis. The photo was taken around 1924.











The children all married, had children of their own and lived long lives. The names of Bishop, Broughton, Bryant  and Smith joined that of Ginno as a result of the girls' marriages.

If, for simplicity and convenience, William and Isabella are referred to in this web site as the First Generation, the Ginno line now extends to 6 generations. The Third Generation (the grandchildren of William and Isabella) added the names of Wootton, Jackson, Heath, Chambers, Stanley and Gilks to the mix.

This web site concentrates on the period up to around the early 1960's and primarily serves as a repository for family documents and memorabilia that might otherwise become lost as time goes by.

Much of this web site consists of anecdotal evidence and, like all anecdotes, is influenced by memories and reflections that may not always be entirely accurate. Readers spotting inaccuracies or who can add to the record are invited to use the Menu link "Contacts" opposite and, thus, help to improve this site.




 Family Tree


 Click here for a family tree of the descendants (and direct ancestors) of William and Isabella. For privacy and protection purposes, particularly for minors, this tree is limited to 4 generations, plus the parents, grandparents and great-grandparents of William.